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Setting up your UpGrow account - A Step-by-Step Guide ✨
Setting up your UpGrow account - A Step-by-Step Guide ✨
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This simple guide will help you navigate through the process effortlessly.

Step 1: Accessing Growth Settings

After logging in, navigate to the "Growth" tab. Once there, click on the "Growth Settings" option to proceed.

Step 2: Adjusting Growth Speed

In the Growth Settings section, you will find the option to configure your growth speed.

  • Slow: This setting allows for a gradual increase in followers, reaching up to 650 followers per month. It's perfect for those who are new to Instagram growth and prefer a relaxed pace.

  • Moderate: Selecting this option will result in a steady growth of around 1500 followers per month. It provides a balanced approach to increasing your following.

  • Turbo: Opting for this setting will accelerate your growth significantly, allowing you to gain approximately 3500 followers per month. It's the fastest and most efficient way to expand your Instagram presence.

Step 3: Followers Targeting

Here, you can add related Instagram accounts and relevant hashtags to refine your target audience.

Step 4: Choosing Followers' Gender

You have the option to choose the gender of your targeted followers. You can select from the following choices:

  • Any: This setting doesn't prioritize any specific gender and targets both male and female users.

  • Male: Select this option if you want to focus on attracting male followers.

  • Female: Choose this option if you prefer to target female followers.

Step 5: Selecting Followers' Language

You can specify the preferred language of your target audience to ensure effective communication and engagement.

Step 6: Setting Followers' Location

Specify the location you want to target for your followers. This helps in reaching out to users in specific geographic regions.

Step 7: Followers' Interests

Identify the interests of your desired audience. This enables the system to connect you with users who share similar interests, enhancing the likelihood of meaningful engagement.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for help.

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